Forensic Toxicology

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Serum Assays

MICRO-PLATE Amphetamine Specific PI-FRA

MICRO-PLATE Methamphetamines PI-FRA


OraSure Oral Specimen MICRO-PLATE Assays

OraSure MP Cocaine PI-FRA

OraSure MP Cotinine PI-FRA

OraSure Oral Specimen Collection Device PI - FRA

Intercept Oral Specimen MICRO-PLATE Assays

Intercept MP Amphetamine Specific PI - FRA

Intercept MP Barbiturates PI - FRA

Intercept MP Benzodiazepines PI - FRA

Intercept MP Cannabinoids PI - FRA

Intercept MP Cocaine PI - FRA

Intercept MP Methadone PI - FRA

Intercept MP Methamphetamine PI - FRA

Intercept MP Opiates PI - FRA

Intercept MP PCP PI - FRA

Intercept Oral Specimen Collection Device - FRA