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Oral Fluid Testing and the Law

 Oral fluid drug testing is legal in almost every state for workplace testing. Workplace drug testing laws do not apply to other markets such as schools, criminal justice, treatment and athletics. The Intercept Oral Fluid Drug Test has been sold across all markets for well over 10 years, and has been sucessfully upheld in court.

Below is a library of documents dedicated to oral fluid drug testing and the law. Please register or log in to download these helpful files.

Court Case Review - Medina County, OH


Court Case Review - Medina County, OH - 2


Court Case Review - Rockland County, NY

State by State Legal Status of Oral Fluid Testing

A brief breakdown of state laws surrounding oral fluid drug testing. - INT0167

The Utility of Oral Fluid Drug Testing in Safety Programs

The utility of oral fluid drug testing in workplace safety programs includes a review of the scientific foundation, as well as the regulatory and legal status, of oral fluid drug testing. - INT0215

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