Drug & Alcohol Testing

Don't Monkey Around With Your Drug Testing Program

Today, drug testing in schools, whether it be for sports, extracurricular activities, or as a deterrent program, is one of the first steps in intervention/prevention. Drug abuse among students remains at alarming levels and drug testing has proven to be a powerful deterrent for drug use in a variety of settings.

School districts across the country have recently simplified the process of drug testing students by utilizing the Intercept® Oral Fluid Drug Test. Their switch from urine testing to oral fluid testing has resulted in saved resources and improved student and parent experiences.

The Intercept® Oral Fluid Drug Test helps schools provide an effective deterrent tool for their interventions/prevention programs while supporting a safe, secure learning environment.


  • 3 easy-step procedure
  • Collection in 5 minutes
  • Non-invasive, dignified collections

Proven Accuracy

  • Positivity rates that outperform urine drug testing
  • Laboratory accuracy with oral fluid convenience

Trusted and Reliable

  • FDA-cleared device with the 9 most requested drug assays
  • #1 recognized brand in oral fluid drug testing
  • Over 100 million tests have been performed in workplace, schools, drug treatment, healthcare, criminal justice and more...

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