Infectious Disease Testing

Customer Support Materials

These documents have been compiled to provide assistance as you begin to test with OraSure QuickFlu®. Quality Assurance guidelines call for all OraSure QuickFlu® test operators to be trained on the use of any test kit and demonstrate the skills necessary to perform the test.

IQCP - OraSure QuickFlu A B Test

OraSure QuickFlu Evaluation and Training Checklist

Skills Evaluation and Training Checklist

OraSure QuickFlu Knowledge Assesment

Answer Key can be ontained from OraSure Customer Care or your OraSure Account Manager

OraSure QuickFlu Nasopharyngeal Wash Procedure Card

Nasopharyngeal Wash/Aspirate Sample Procedure.

OraSure QuickFlu Skills Cover Letter

These materials have been compiled to provide support to customers as they begin to test with OraSure QuickFlu - QF0021

OraSure QuickFlu Swab Procedure Card

Swab Sample Procedure

QuickFlu CLIA-Waiver Letter

QuickFlu Transport Media Procedure Card

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