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International Package Inserts

This section allows easy access to the OraSure product portfolio’s package inserts, and product information.

Drug/Alcohol Testing

  • Intercept® i2™ Oral Fluid Drug Testing
  • Intercept® Oral Fluid Drug Testing
  • Q.E.D.® Saliva Alcohol Test
  • OraSure® Oral Fluid Collection Device
  • Drug Testing Assays

Forensic Toxicology

  • Auto-Lyte® Assays

Infectious Disease

  • OraQuick ADVANCE® Rapid HIV-1/2 Antibody Test
  • OraQuick® HCV Rapid Antibody Test
  • OraSure® HIV-1 Oral Fluid Collection Device
  • OraSure QuickFlu® Rapid Flu A+B Test
  • OraSure Western Blot Kit

Wart Removal

  • Histofreezer® Potable Cryosurgical System

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