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OraSure Technologies has a long history of meeting the needs of laboratories in a highly convenient and cost-effective manner. Our 20-year legacy offers accurate and precise enzyme immunoassay (EIA) products for laboratory testing, along with unsurpassed technical support. Our flexible MICRO-PLATE and Auto-Lyte formats will simplify your workload and meet your laboratory's automation needs.

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Cotinine Testing for Oral Fluid, Serum and Urine

Convenience, Accuracy and Flexibility... Laboratory solutions for cotinine testing. OS0012

Laboratory Based vs. Instant Cotinine Screening - Which is Best for You?

Assess Smoking Status Anytime, Anywhere with Oral Fluid Cotinine Testing. Laboratory Based vs. Instant Cotinine Screening - Which is Best for You? OS0026

Testing for Tobacco Use FAQ

Straight answers to straight questions on testing for tobacco and oral fluid fluid collection. - OS0014

Tobacco Testing and Oral Fluid Cotinine Collection for Health and Wellness

Cotinine is the major metabolite of nicotine and is usually the test of choice to evaluate tobacco use or exposure to tobacco smoke. Find out why testing for it is so important. - OS0013

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