Drug & Alcohol Testing

Oral Fluid Testing Whitepapers

Drugs of Abuse Testing

Designer Drugs - Is Your Drug Testing Program Keeping Up?

Here are some important facts you should know when evaluating your drug testing programs. - INT0279

Drug Testing During COVID-19

Get the Most Out of Drug Testing: Stop Drug Test Cheating

The magnitude of drug test adulteration and how they cheat. Learn how you can fight the problem. - INT0163

Intercept - Just the Facts

Legalized Impairment - Spotlight on Criminal Justice

We know marijuana users are less safe drivers, less alert employees, and less reliable compared to those who do not use marijuana. - INT0262

Legalized Impairment - What Employers Can Do About It

The legalization of marijuana is placing employers in a tough spot. Can they continue to drug test workers and job applicants for a legal substance?

State by State Legal Status of Oral Fluid Testing

A brief breakdown of state laws surrounding oral fluid drug testing. - INT0167

The Myths and Facts About Oral Fluid Drug Testing

Get the facts on lab-based oral fluid drug testing.

The Value of Oral Fluid Drug Testing in Treatment Programs

What is the cost of your testing modality to your treatment program?

Understanding the ROI Value of Lab-Based Oral Fluid Testing

A close look at the "soft" and "hard costs" associated with drug testing across various testing methods. - INT0248

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